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I slept 3 hours today (I try to go to sleep soon, but I always stays half hour or so awake before I manage to fall sleep), worked 9 adn then it took me 2 to get home when the city it's just at 40 minutes from my home. >/ Stupid broken train.

Then I come home and the saw that the ants are still invading it. Ad my watch just decide to stop working. FUCK.

Damn it why it's 22:15 already!? I have a lot of things to do X(

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My grandmother died yesterday afternoon. She was really old and couldn't walk anymore or eat by herself..the last days were horrible and she couldn't even drink anymore. Her death wasn't unexpected, but still painful. Today I been working on my mother's shoe shop because she been with my grandfather all the day in the funeral parlor, and the funeral is tomorrow morning. I'm stressed and tired, and sad, but that's again not unexpected. So much for my first day of vacation.
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:(      *iz sad and tired....I should go to sleep but I'm tired of the nightmares.*
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Today its father's day on Spain.


I went to the cemetery yesterday because today I needed to be out all the day on the city.
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I'M TIRED...a lot, and I still have to wake up early until Saturday =_= yay life~

And because I think that being tired is not enough excuse for a post, have a funny image:

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I watched the end of House season 4 this night...wanna know that? I hate the writers.I really don't understand what the hell are they doing.

It was a really good episode but it sucked. Simply as that.

I had enought people dying in my life I don't want to feel like crying again watching a show I like and that I started to dislike.
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we had visit with the oncologist today and they said that it's necessary to change my father's treatment because it's not working at all. What a help they are. My father is everyday more thinner and he had a lot mood swings. Damn it all

Life sucks.

And death suck even more.

goota do something to cheer myself up


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