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It's been years since I uploaded my lj ouch. Nothing much happened and I post most of my pluk, in case you want to add me as a friend :3

Still no job and yesterday one of my old coworker called me to tell me that the agency finally went bankrupt and they're closing forever :/
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Someone tell my mother to stop bothering me about how to find a job, what places I should send my curriculum (even if they have nothing to do with my career/interest or I lack of the experience for the job) and places to go B|

Someone please tell my sister to stop being a bitch because every time we fight for some reason her smarter reply is 'at least I have a job'.
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I lost my job today due to staffing cuts. This last week a friend of mine lost hers for the same reason. FML. Fuck work. Fuck the crisis.

I really liked that job. And the people. I will miss them a lot.

What really bothers me it's start searching for a job again, the interviews, the horrible schelude and the lame salary. Now I need to re-do my book again, and design my business card.

On the bright side, I will be able to sleep more for once and have some free time for myself.

...damn it.
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...and my mother's family is coming over this week to invade my house. They never try to find a hotel, they literally invade our home and we need to go to my grandfather's or my aunt's home to sleep. And it's a pain because I will be working all the day and I will not be able to relax once I'm back..fuck.
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I like my job ♥ :3

My friend/ not!boyfriend is driving me insane. I was too busy this last week to see him and we decided to see each other another day, tomorrow, to take a walk and talk or ..whatever.

He been text/phone/emailing me too much for my own comfort. it's maybe me, who's not used to relationships and don’t' like that much attention. I don't think that I like him that way, I need to tell him but he's all ^___^!!!! All the time it's impossible. Today he sent me a mail with the text “SEE YOU TOMORROW”…and this pic.

8D urgh.

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I got a call from the agency, I have another interview tomorrow with the director to talk about the hours and the salary.

[icon keywords people]
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That's just my perception but..the interview went really well!!! /o/

The man who interviewed me was quite young and really nice. The friend who told me about this job explained me that he is usually a quiet person but we talked a lot. He already knew me thanks to the job I did for them and he liked the way I work.

From the beginning he said me that I was his first interview, so he will tell me something the next week or so. He needs to interview a few more people (really few he told me) and the company also needs someone to work as a copy.

Cross your fingers for me people :3

After the interview I went shopping for a bit and bought myself the Alien quadrilogy >w< I’m watching it now~
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I hate doctors :/

It’s been a hell of a week and it’s only Tuesday. My mom has thyroid problems that are affecting her left eye. She been saying that to her doctor for months (I don’t like him. He’s nice but he sucks as a doctor. He sucks like woha) and he said that it was nothing and that she just needed to relax.

Relax my ass.

My mom visited 2 more different private doctors and one of them asked if she never had a Thyroid radiography. No, she didn’t because, apparently, our family doctor is too stupid to think about it. Now she needs to wait a week until our stupid family doctor gives her the necessary papers and stuff for the prove, more weeks for the radiography itself and at least two more weeks for the results.

Yay, I really love the health care system on Spain. *feel the sarcasm*


I’m done whining, If you’re still here, sorry and thanks. On a brighter note I finally got paid for the project I was working on a few weeks ago, and those are some of the illustrations I had to do:
:3 )

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My last entry? Forget it. I still don't have a job.

This week I been working in the School/center of Naturotheraphy, not just the 6 hours that I was supposed to work, but 10 hours because they had a lot of things to do before the new classes starts. I been really stressed, I nearly didn't sleep, and I couldn't eat because I was nervous. The second day the woman who's the boss, was complaining about how we needed to work more quickly, but they didn't show me how to use some programs they had, she just want me to actualize the website and to use them without tell me how to do it.


And this morning she just said me that another man who wasn't working for her now because he had a depression)but it did it on the past was ready to come back to work and that she will contract him and not me. Even if she already told me that the job was mine. And she didn't pay me for the days I been working because the contract wasn't formalized yet.

>_> damn it all. Now I still have to find a decent job.

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Now I work as an RRRP in a School/center of Naturotheraphy. I have to modify the website, talk to the agencies, create the advertisings, talk to the students, find new agencies to work with us….I don’t do anything much graphic, but it’s fine. I can do that at home after all.

I work from 9 a.m to 3 pm, so I have the rest of the afternoon for me! I have to work one Saturday at month, but it’s ok. Too bad that from the 18 to the 22 of September the new classes starts and we will be working from the morning to the afternoon, even on the weekend. Buuuuuut, only in these dates. Now I work with the girl how’s the real RRPP, but she will leave at the end of the month so I will be all alone…wish me luck ^^’



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