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Finally Done!!! …Damn I’m so busy, I have like 10387463746346 of request and things to finish -_-‘

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A pic of House and Cameron for [info]flybutterfly24 because she made a lot of lovely banners
and icons with my fan art and she’s a cutie

I hope you like it babe =D

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LoveIsTheBest wanted a Cam/House pic, so here it is. An [profile] xuanny87request me for a x-files pic, unfurtunatelly I don’t know much about x-files, I love the series, but I just say until season 2 or 3 because spain channel sucks.

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Well after my depressive post, time for something mor efun. That's for [profile] xuanny87 who wanted some House /Cuddy icons. For the next time babes, if yoru request are icosn or banners notice that they took me more time to made them, because sometimes I can spend 30 minutes just to make ONE icon, mostly because I’m a perfeccionist with them. So be patient ^^’


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Another resquest down!!! =D

A Richard /Kal-El (aka Superman) chibi slash pic for the wonderful

[personal profile] trascendenza. She write the most wonderful histories/fanfics/ ever. Check her LJ!

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Espero que te guste guapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    



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Another request done, this time for silverfox

She wanted a sexy cuddy Kitty! So here she is =D

+ PLUS!! Two pics of Chase: My own Fanfic Art

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Ok folks, first request done =D YAY

-Chibi Snape/Lucius for [profile] theunknownsoul 
-Chibis Shawn/Lassiter for [profile] slytherin_gypsy 

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2 down )

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