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Someone tell my mother to stop bothering me about how to find a job, what places I should send my curriculum (even if they have nothing to do with my career/interest or I lack of the experience for the job) and places to go B|

Someone please tell my sister to stop being a bitch because every time we fight for some reason her smarter reply is 'at least I have a job'.
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Yesterday my computer had a Trojan virus and was doing stupid things. And I was all:

For the lolz )
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I'm so busy at work this days. I'm making 3 different story boards for an environmental campaign and it's not as fun as it sounds. I was so tired yestarday, I arrived at home at 7:45 and went ot sleep at 8 pm o'clock. And I keep waking up every hour or so >>' WHy I can't sleep 8 hours in a row? Argh. I slept (more or less) for 10 hours and I'm even more tired now.

Todays is my sister's 30th b-day. I don't have time to bake her a cake, I will need to buy her one, tsh. I wish I had more time to do things.

And holy crap, I dont' RP one night and the next morning I have 127 tags to reply D:
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I had a staring contest with my hamster today.

She won.


/busy days at work, I'm so tired..urgh. Goes to sleep.

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For real yes, but they are legal drugs. This last weekend my back was giving me hell and it hurt a lot, I needed to go to ER on Sunday to see what was all the pain about. It resulted that I have an infection. They prescribed me some meds and sent me home. On Monday the pain was worse but I tried to go to work because I'm kind of a masochist. I nearly fainted in the train so I got back home and spent the rest of the day resting :/

I felt a bit better and Tuesday decided to go to work again, I hate to miss work and this week I don't have to work on Thursday and Friday so I felt bad for already missing more days. My coworkers and boss where all like. What are you doing here women, are you alright? And I was; Noo I'm fine, I'm fine. Even if I felt like throwing up and in fact I threw up my lunch.

I'm a finest class of masochist :|

But in the early afternoon my boss noticed that I was still there and practically dragged me out. He's a really nice guy. I didn't had to go work today, and the rest of the week I don't had to work already so...all the week to relax.

Now I live from a notable dose of penicillin that makes my stomach queasy sometimes but helps a lot with the pain. It's nearly gone. Nearly. I can't sleep on my back yet and I have to take penicillin and ibuprophen for a week. So much painkillers made me really really tired -__-

Pppff i talk a way to much :|
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Before I disappear again because I'm still busy....

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I have conflicted feelings now. I'm turned between how much Alice in wonderland freak me out as a kid (yes, the Disney animated movie) and how much I like Tim Burton.

....the cheshire cat si fucking scary to me :|

I'm odd U_u sorry
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Back from the cinema.

Why the Harry Potter movies always disappoint me? I should know better D:
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As I said on my previous entry I'm reading Axis Powers Hetalia and now I reached the part where Spain shows up.

Seriously that man is so cute ♥♥♥ And so oblivious sometimes. I loled at the comic strip where he was so worried about how to make little Italy happy he didn't noticed France GROPING HIM while they were talking. And it wasn't' a subtle grope XD
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I fucking hate technology sometimes. I had a crappy day with it today. First my scanner refuse to work properly and then THIS.

I just wanted to take a look on the DDD calendar because this Friday something happens and I can remember what, and when I looked..I noticed that ALL my bookmarks were missing. And I have (had SIGH) like 18160368363894 billions of them, with a lot of folders and stuff because I'm anal and organized like that.

And now they all are GONE...well; I managed to save some because I had a copy but ALL the NEW IMPORTANT ONES, SPECIALLY ABOUT TUTORIALS, AND LAYOUTS AND DDD ARE MISSING DX arghhh

and I still can't find the damn calendar >>' It's 1:30 and I should be sleeping anyway...I need to woke up in 6 horus.
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First off, Happy 4th of July American people~ I hope that everybody is having a good time.

Now the real post. I cut my hair, and it’s good because it’s been ages since I did that and I was dying because summer and long hair is a pain…it’s quite short now :3 but comfy.

Click me :3 )Some people made me interested in Hetalia: Axis Powers and now I’m Reading it online. The first time I heard about I was all: O_o’ A manga about the countries of the world as human characters? This can be very horrible or very awesome. For now, it’s a bit of both.

The manga is totally crazy ( I think that Italia is on crack or high on sugarmost of the time) and use a lot of shallow stereotypes about the countries that can offend some people, but that’s what I was expecting and at least is use stereotypes for ALL the different characters/countries. And why most of them are males?

Seriously Germany/italia is…all sort of special pair, but it cracks me out. The roman Empire was so cute X3 zomg (look at the chibitalia scans, srly). Mixed feeling about Russia, because I think he is cute too but at the same time is so insanely creppy and evil..he scare the hell out of me. England eyebrows made me think of Wilson from House.

Still not totally sure what’s my general feeling about it, I need to read more of it. :||

I’m also reading the Sandman and another of Terry Pratchett books, because I’m addicted to reading. Seriously, in a month I read like..5 or 6 book, but that’s because I will choose reading over sleeping too often ^^’

PD: today I slept like 12 hours /o/ wow

PD2: I noticed that when I don’t sleep, and I keep replying/rpging/posting at night I make like millions of grammar mistakes and typos, so I apologize ^^’
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My last layout was giving people (and me) problems when I used explorer layout~ Too bad, the birdies were cute :3
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I like my job ♥ :3

My friend/ not!boyfriend is driving me insane. I was too busy this last week to see him and we decided to see each other another day, tomorrow, to take a walk and talk or ..whatever.

He been text/phone/emailing me too much for my own comfort. it's maybe me, who's not used to relationships and don’t' like that much attention. I don't think that I like him that way, I need to tell him but he's all ^___^!!!! All the time it's impossible. Today he sent me a mail with the text “SEE YOU TOMORROW”…and this pic.

8D urgh.

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I just come back from watching Star Trek. I was never much of a fan but the movie was good.

Spock quoting Sherlock Holmes= EPIC WIN

But, the perfect end of an already horrible weekend was my friend (who’s a total sweetheart but I don’t really feel like that for him) asking me to be his girlfriend. He wanted to ask me the last weekend, but he couldn’t and wanted to ask me were we were on the park, but in the end he asked me when we were on his car coming back.

I was all ALSHASJASGSG brb dying from embarrasemend (so was he)…but I told him the truth, that no one ever asked me that before (he said that he couldn’t understand why and called me pretty..) and that that I’m a complete mess this year. But we decided that we can have some more dates and see how it goes. I’m not sure, I like him, but I don’t’ like him that way.

Someone shoot me please.

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I made myself a twitter account.


Now I' trying to lear how it works XD
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A pity is not true....Tropic thunder's trailers ftw

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I can't believe that I managed to post this :/

My country is suffering from really bad weather, the lights are off in my house (I'm using my sister's laptop and a random internet connection I managed to find), it's blowing like a tornado is coming (which is not the case because, duh, Spain don't suffer of that's things) and it's all a pain in general. The poor birds are flying backwards, my house is really cold and all is dark...

>:/ I hope that tomorrow all will be better.

damn...I have no battery left...


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