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Woah it's been ages since I uploaded my lj with anything because I have not much to say. Work goes well, my coworker is nice.....

I'm totally in love with the show Glee~ It's so fun at times, even if some songs are cheesy. The problem I have with this char is that I hate the main character, Rachel Berry, which is quite of an irony. She's just so selfish and an attention wore :/ oh well.

And Kurt and his Dad are so adorable. I play Kurt at [ profile] gargleblasted (I need canonmates :/ ) And Sue Sylvester is probably my second fav character, her evilness and comments are hilarious ♥
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Finally (after six fucking months without one ;;) my friend confirmed me that we got the job, we will be working together as a designers for a newspaper.

I will work with him in his small agency, the agency is in my own town, I do not have to catch the train or anything and the schedule is good.

Now I'm afraid I will screw up the job and our friendship :/ so I will try my best and work hard!

;_; so happy
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It's been years since I uploaded my lj ouch. Nothing much happened and I post most of my pluk, in case you want to add me as a friend :3

Still no job and yesterday one of my old coworker called me to tell me that the agency finally went bankrupt and they're closing forever :/
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Now that I'm looking for a job I needed to re organize my portfolio/ book online. Tell me what you think about it, lease:


Are the notifs working again? :D
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I lost my job today due to staffing cuts. This last week a friend of mine lost hers for the same reason. FML. Fuck work. Fuck the crisis.

I really liked that job. And the people. I will miss them a lot.

What really bothers me it's start searching for a job again, the interviews, the horrible schelude and the lame salary. Now I need to re-do my book again, and design my business card.

On the bright side, I will be able to sleep more for once and have some free time for myself.

...damn it.
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I'm so busy at work this days. I'm making 3 different story boards for an environmental campaign and it's not as fun as it sounds. I was so tired yestarday, I arrived at home at 7:45 and went ot sleep at 8 pm o'clock. And I keep waking up every hour or so >>' WHy I can't sleep 8 hours in a row? Argh. I slept (more or less) for 10 hours and I'm even more tired now.

Todays is my sister's 30th b-day. I don't have time to bake her a cake, I will need to buy her one, tsh. I wish I had more time to do things.

And holy crap, I dont' RP one night and the next morning I have 127 tags to reply D:
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Things been pretty stressful and crazy this week, I was so tired yesterday when I got back from work at 8 pm I just went to bed. I didn't had dinner or anything, and I didn't officially woke up until the next morning at 7 am to go to work. I kept awakening all the night, but the resting was good. My mother was freaking out and thinking that I was sick or something, the poor woman. ILU her ♥

The stress at work It was because we needed to finish some projects and we were waiting for the final ok about them, and in the middle of it all my Boss's wife was going to have a baby. They become parents for the second time this last night :D

And that's awesome but also means that he will be missing for some days and I will need to do all the work alone and it's not hard but I'm scared that I will screw up it all >>'

On a side note, I'm watching the first Jurassic Park movie.  God I love it, i want a mini T-rex for me 8) Btu I end trying to cuddle him and he will try to chew off my face 8(
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For real yes, but they are legal drugs. This last weekend my back was giving me hell and it hurt a lot, I needed to go to ER on Sunday to see what was all the pain about. It resulted that I have an infection. They prescribed me some meds and sent me home. On Monday the pain was worse but I tried to go to work because I'm kind of a masochist. I nearly fainted in the train so I got back home and spent the rest of the day resting :/

I felt a bit better and Tuesday decided to go to work again, I hate to miss work and this week I don't have to work on Thursday and Friday so I felt bad for already missing more days. My coworkers and boss where all like. What are you doing here women, are you alright? And I was; Noo I'm fine, I'm fine. Even if I felt like throwing up and in fact I threw up my lunch.

I'm a finest class of masochist :|

But in the early afternoon my boss noticed that I was still there and practically dragged me out. He's a really nice guy. I didn't had to go work today, and the rest of the week I don't had to work already so...all the week to relax.

Now I live from a notable dose of penicillin that makes my stomach queasy sometimes but helps a lot with the pain. It's nearly gone. Nearly. I can't sleep on my back yet and I have to take penicillin and ibuprophen for a week. So much painkillers made me really really tired -__-

Pppff i talk a way to much :|
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...and my mother's family is coming over this week to invade my house. They never try to find a hotel, they literally invade our home and we need to go to my grandfather's or my aunt's home to sleep. And it's a pain because I will be working all the day and I will not be able to relax once I'm back..fuck.
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That icon is becoming painfully true. I was listening to the news yesterday and my mom asked me why I giggled everytime a country was mentioned.

I'm so bored this days at work. We don't have news projects to finish and I have anything at all to do but I will not start vacations until friday afternoon. Bleah :/

So, and to cure boredom, I colored one of the Hetalia scans. Lil' England, when it was a young country :3 Isn't he the cutest thing ever? The eyebrows always make think of Wilson from House.

The original pic is here. I love those strips x3
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Tomorrow night on Spain is the Bonfires of Saint John, so I just have to work half of the day, but star one hours earlier than usual If you saw me on the internet at 2 am, please yell at me to go to bed. :| and I don't have to work this Wednesday /o/ YAY.

This year I'm not very inclined to celebrate anything, my father was called Juan (John) and this celebration just remimd me that he is not here anymore. Oh well...

An now that I probably get you all depressed, let's talk about somethign else. this is twaht I do at work when I have nothing to do:

Original Pic
Original Pic )
The result )

:3 I like it. Photoshop is ♥
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And yes, it deserves and entry, orz.

I noticed that I have more than 3 jobs. One as a freelance, the job on the agency and the weekends on my mom's shop, so I just have Sunday to relax and try to do EVERYTHING.


I enable my life :|
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Image Hosted by

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I have a job interview tomorrow for the agency who hired me as a freelance to do this this ilustrations  *fidgets fidgets *

Let's see how it goes :D


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