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My mom in on vacations! She left to Egypt this morning and they lost her suitcase already. Thankfully it was only for a few hours, her meds were there :|

I'm working all this week in the shop instead of her and reading 'The Catcher in the rye' again because sometimes there's no much people. The first time I read the book was like, 10 years ago. I forgot that Holden was such a pessimist.

In other news, haircut (and my silly hat):
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Ladies and gentleman~ I'm leavign for a little vacations from tomorrow Saturday (technically already today in Spain) 5th to Tuesday 8th. I'm going to have a long weekend/short vacations with some friends and visiting Basque country.

It's 1 am. I need to go sleep and woke up at 5:30.

>>' bye!
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My mom have vacation this week and she's visiting his family in the other side of Spain, that means that I'm alone the whole week. I like to be alone but I miss the soudn of the TV in the living room or the radio while I am in my bedroom doing stuff. I am being stupid, aren't I?
To do list:

-Buy food. It will help me to live.

-Break up with 3 am. We can't keep meeting that way, I need to sleep to see if the world is better when my brain cells are not dying.

-Kill my cousin. *shifty eyes.*He likes to RP too, and he stalk DDD and rpsecrets. His interned died and I think that he did something when I allowed him to us my computer ....>>'
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Just one more week of work X3 yay. I wanted to travel to england (so so bad) but I can't convince any of my friend to go because a) they're already been there or b) They are going to go somewhere with their boyfriends (don't make me comment about that one >>') or c) they don't have money :(

I just want 2 or 3 days of vacation out!!!! D:

As a second option I was thinking about Berlin and maybe I can convince one of my friends. I need to ask her :/

Ad changign the subject I convinced my mother to read Good Omens. X3 And she likes it!
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TIME for some PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS of my Andalusia Trip ^__^


:D photos! )
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Hi babes! I'm BACK! I had a lot of fun, and I walked a lot >_> *iz tired* I will post some photos about the whole travel soon :D

On the meantime, here's a meme stole from somethingstyx:

1→ Comment to my entry with a character that reminds you of me.
2→ I'll reply with a comment of a character that reminds me of you!
3→ ???
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Hi my dears! I'm going to be on a little vacations with my mother and sister from the 17 until the 26. I didn't had vacations in 10 year and this one I'm traveling all the time X3

My mom really need some relaxing time. We are going to Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba, all in Spain.

I'm goigg to miss you all! Anddddd, I couldn't help me, so...A Chibi Rufus Shinra :3

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I did so much things in 3 days I think I'm dying from extenuation >_> but damn, it was fun. We went to swim in a cool lake, we saw a medieval show in the streets, we visited 3 different twons, we saw a jew museum, a museum of theater, a synagogue, a medieval city, a castle, a really old bridge bigger than...something really big XD...we go to dinner to a japanese restaurant (yummy) and we walk a lot...

Looks like life is not always that bad. >:3


my english just get worse and worse, right? ยท__.'

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I get a new haircut ^^ So here are some photos!!! By the way I'm going to take a little vacations this monday until wednesday. I will spend some time with a friend in his house on the mountain, I'm going to miss you all!!!!

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The next week I'm going to ITALY!!!! WOOO! it's been YEARS, 8 to be more exactly, since I had vacations. I really need them =_=

A friend of mine is living in Padua now, near to Venecia because she works there, so I 'm going to pass a week with her. I'm going to do all the travel alone, so wish me luck and pray for me for not to get lost ^^'

I'm goign to miss ya all!! :D


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