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I already saw most of in in English but…^^’

And ey, I have some sexy dreams for once XD more or less, I dreamed about lost, with Ian Somerhalder in it *__* yum

Men with dark hair and blue eyes are : THE SECKS
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Sooo... obviously it think too much thanks to my  current insomnia (Who's a pain in the ass because my eyes and head hurts a lot but I still cannot sleep even if I try) so I had an epiphany this night.

I don't know if all of you read about Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps leaving the tv show House, because well, the writers are stupid enough to not use the interesting characters they have instead of make more unuseful character appear (*coof* Kutner*coof^*).

And then I remember the end of torchwood. i'm try to not to talk about much spoilers here, but just say that Torchwood now need a new doctor to the di laaaaaa

Can someone write a Torchwood/House crossover fic? Or Crackfic? Or whatever who involves Jack, Ianto, Chase and sexitime? Pleaseeeee :3

[personal profile] johanirae  you must make a comic about t :D

And [profile] kendappa_o tha't all your fault! you made me think of Chase being paired with everyone in the other shows XD
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It's been a horrible week,, and there's still a lot of here some Torchwood CANON! Porn to make all better :3

I hate you Gwen!!!! >(

I LOVED that when Jack went back into the room after yelling at Gwen he's already taken his shirt back off. >3
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A stupid macro of toorchwwod I made X3

i'm sure that [personal profile] felinerose, [personal profile] johanirae and [profile] wombat_hug are going to love it X3

HUGE spoilers for season 2

 cumment please :3

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For the Torchwood fan, the most awesome (and new) community:

[profile] ihazastopwatch


Is made of win XD watch it!!

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Ey people who love torchwood!!

are the TW outtakes! I can’t post the video because they disabled the embled mode a
nd I think that the video is just up for a week so WATCH IT NOW!!!

I lol’ed so hard. And the scene of Jack with the doctor’s hand is…sexy or disturbing, you’re election X3

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Hi babes. That pic of Torchwood need some explanation so, please, read that first.

I was on a party this Saturday night and I was wearing a shirt, a formal trousers and a vest. I love suits and vest but I never use them (also, I look pretty hot in them). So I was there and when I saw myself on a mirror I noticed that I looked like Ianto but with breast XD

So now I have this plotbunny for a Torchwood slash fanfic, if someone can write something like that I will love them to death:

Ianto is cleaning the archives and putting in order the strange stuff when some of the alien things they keep starts to buzz and suddenly a light hit him on the chest and he’s turned into a woman. So now Owen is always making fun of him and Jacks isn’t that worried about his/her new looks.


Here it is the illustration of Ianto as a girl and Jack making moves on him/her. You know, I love to draw woman in suits as much as I like to draw men in corsets XD

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For all of you who have no idea about the show, or just want to knew more about the characters, here’s a bit explanation about it with a stupid and funny picspam.

my English sucks, yada yada yada…
that’s a specially for for

[profile] wombat_hug=D

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I just watch “They Keep killing Suzie” last night…*snort* flirt over a death corpse never been more sexy XD

I have to say to the world how much I love Torchwood and the Jack/Ianto interaction. Ianto is such a smart boy by the way. He manages to get an outside line by using the water tower of the Hub as a relay…and he looks gorgeous in a suit ^^

And James Masters is going to be on the next season, XD YAY!

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OMG Torchwood starts 
today on Spain!!!!!!

at 1 am. -_-‘

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