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I’m not dead. I swear. I been really busy these weeks with the carnival on my village and all the stuff, but here’s some art I must been upload like 2 weeks ago.

Here it is:
-Some x-men pics
-And some fan art of Leopold and Edward from an awesome fanfic of [profile] sg_fic


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It’s time for some X-men fun =D

yeam I’m still at house because I’m supposed to be sick. I feel al fine but I still have a bit of a cold so my mum don’t let me go out :(

that’s why I’m drawing and posting like a maniac XD

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Some X-men comics! More like a fake outakkes XD, enjoy!

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House art people!! =D
SEASON 4 minor spoiler for 97 seconds

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Oct. 25th, 2007 10:43 pm
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I got brave story >: )

Internet is a wonderful thing ^^

so now it’s time for some fan art!

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I like slash, if you’re looking at my LJ I’m sure you know that. The thing is, no ones of my non-LJ friend know that, so I’m glad to know I have someone to talk about it.

I always liked yaoi because I luv manga, but I just before x-men I never thought about slash because we are talking about real people here. I never been interested of real person male pairing on movies or tv show until that film.

Remember that scene on x-men 1 when the professor is talking Logan about where he is and Wolverine and Cyclops meet formally? Scott offers his hand but Logan refuses and then logan takes him by his shirt for not apparent reason and start to mock him. It was like I was hit by a truck or something.

I was all: O_O ZOMG so much unresolved sexual tension!!! And BAM; they become my first slash paring.

Ey, who can say no to them? Just Imagine James Marsden (I like that man so much) with OMGYAYWTFBBQ Hugh Jackman…ooohhh the hotness *_* Also love that delete scene of Jean, Scott and Logan from the X1 I love it when these two become territorial because they’re really two powerful alpha male XD

No, seriously…. James Marsden and Hugh Jackman…whoa they turn me on like..XD dunno. Just MUCH. If I was a men I ‘d have one hell of a hard on. SRLY….uhm..that sounds gross XD sorry

James is just so cute when he pouts..and he did that a lot on the movies because Logan is bad at him all the time. It's supposed to be a frown, but it looks like a pout to me XD That man had such a delicious lips damn it. And through their banter there is more. It's as if they are teasing each other, not unlike the boys who pull the girls' hair back in elementary school. I love that part:

Wolverine : It's me!
Cyclops : Prove it!
Wolverine : You're a dick.
Cyclops : Okay.

Awww they know eachother so well…XD

A funny thing is that when I search histories of the x-men movies a lot of them starts with a : LET’S INGNORE X3

XD mauhaha, yes please

I’m telling you all of this because I noticed that I have a loooot of x-me pic to upload and I never did. So here’s a few of them. I still have to finish 2 chibi comics of logan and Scott. But I’m lazy.

[profile] sg_fic  I hope you enjoy the pics. I’m sure you will :)

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OMG I survived!

Yay!! ….I’m so fucking tired D: today was a really boring day, because it was the last day of the festival and just have the marathons to show. The worst thing it was that the computer finally crack down. And I mean ALL the computers, we had a major error system on the net we were using and all went to hell. We had to made the ticked without the machines, so they was handmade tickets X(

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The good thing was that I watched like 4000 movies for free XD

I really enjoyed the movies:

-Nocturna: An awesome Spanish animation movie. And I said “awesome” because it’s the first time I enjoyed an animation movie made on spain.
-Stardust: So fun and sweet, remember me a lot the “princes Bride” :). Michelle Pfeiffer was superb and the part with Robert de Niro was hilarious
-Brave Story: OMG I loved that movie so much!!!! It’s a GORGEOUS anime movie and thanks to it I have a new slash paring *_* the two principals characters (Wataru and Mitsuru) are so cuteeeeeeeee (they’re 11 years old). Wataru is so obviously in love and obsessed with Mitsure ^^ awwww. And the end is not tragic, a fact I appreciated a lot.

I’m soooo going to make fan art of these two XD

oh well, tomorrow…no wait, I have to help on the shop tomorrow..argh…well..TUESDAY! I will sleeep!! YAYZ
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Jack: You know, strictly speaking throttling the staff is my job.

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I just watch “They Keep killing Suzie” last night…*snort* flirt over a death corpse never been more sexy XD

I have to say to the world how much I love Torchwood and the Jack/Ianto interaction. Ianto is such a smart boy by the way. He manages to get an outside line by using the water tower of the Hub as a relay…and he looks gorgeous in a suit ^^

And James Masters is going to be on the next season, XD YAY!

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HP Fan art, babes =D

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I don’t have the seven book yet but I been reading some chapters because a friend of mine gave me a link to a Spanish web with the book translated. I don’t thing that‘s a big spoiler or something but better be safe than sorry

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For all the people who ask me, I’m still doing the requests, but some of them take me more time than others. Icons for example. I cam made doodles at work but no icons ‘cause I don’t have photoshop at my work.

[profile] callmeang wanted icons of Harry and Draco of Harry poter, so here they are:

And some more of HP in general =D 
There's some Harrry/luna for [personal profile] felinerose, but I have to make another post with a lot of more icons with Harry/sirius and Sirius /james for her too...^_^' give me time


Enjoy and comment!
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Another request done!! This time for [profile] driate , who wanted a House/Wilson pic on a non chibi form =D

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Yeah I know I still have request to do, I’m working on it. But now I’m on the mood for some Harry Draco pics. 
So, one normal pic and another chibi of these two =D

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Para [profile] remsy_md, porque es una persona encantadora y una amiga estupenda =D

Now, the english version: For [profile] remsy_md ‘cause she’s a lovely person and awesome friend

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