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It's been a long time

...since I post some fan art. I'm still drawing, but I don't have the time to upload them all. Butttt, here's some X-men fan art related :3


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All I want for christmas....


I wanted to finish that pic before but…no time :/ I been working (yeah on Christmas holiday because my life such that much), but now I have some free time so…^^ Christmas Scott!<3
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Part of my SKIN pic series



Uhm…work safe? not sure ^^'

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You should know I was going to do that ^_~

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It’s time for some X-men fun =D

yeam I’m still at house because I’m supposed to be sick. I feel al fine but I still have a bit of a cold so my mum don’t let me go out :(

that’s why I’m drawing and posting like a maniac XD

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I like slash, if you’re looking at my LJ I’m sure you know that. The thing is, no ones of my non-LJ friend know that, so I’m glad to know I have someone to talk about it.

I always liked yaoi because I luv manga, but I just before x-men I never thought about slash because we are talking about real people here. I never been interested of real person male pairing on movies or tv show until that film.

Remember that scene on x-men 1 when the professor is talking Logan about where he is and Wolverine and Cyclops meet formally? Scott offers his hand but Logan refuses and then logan takes him by his shirt for not apparent reason and start to mock him. It was like I was hit by a truck or something.

I was all: O_O ZOMG so much unresolved sexual tension!!! And BAM; they become my first slash paring.

Ey, who can say no to them? Just Imagine James Marsden (I like that man so much) with OMGYAYWTFBBQ Hugh Jackman…ooohhh the hotness *_* Also love that delete scene of Jean, Scott and Logan from the X1 I love it when these two become territorial because they’re really two powerful alpha male XD

No, seriously…. James Marsden and Hugh Jackman…whoa they turn me on like..XD dunno. Just MUCH. If I was a men I ‘d have one hell of a hard on. SRLY….uhm..that sounds gross XD sorry

James is just so cute when he pouts..and he did that a lot on the movies because Logan is bad at him all the time. It's supposed to be a frown, but it looks like a pout to me XD That man had such a delicious lips damn it. And through their banter there is more. It's as if they are teasing each other, not unlike the boys who pull the girls' hair back in elementary school. I love that part:

Wolverine : It's me!
Cyclops : Prove it!
Wolverine : You're a dick.
Cyclops : Okay.

Awww they know eachother so well…XD

A funny thing is that when I search histories of the x-men movies a lot of them starts with a : LET’S INGNORE X3

XD mauhaha, yes please

I’m telling you all of this because I noticed that I have a loooot of x-me pic to upload and I never did. So here’s a few of them. I still have to finish 2 chibi comics of logan and Scott. But I’m lazy.

[profile] sg_fic  I hope you enjoy the pics. I’m sure you will :)

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