Aug. 19th, 2012 04:43 pm
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I was out today celebrating the The Fiestas de Gràcia, a party that each August it's a carnival-like display of decorated streets. I took some photos, keep in mind that ALL is made with recycled materials, mostly wood and plastic (even there dresses and lights, there's practically no glass). Photos! )
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Some pic of my last mini-trip qwith my friends, we went to La Morera del Monsant.

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Basque country was as awesome, I had a lot of fun~ I'm so tired now..oh well, I don't work tomorrow I will have all the day (and week, and month..) to rest.

AAashajsasshh...I tell people that I will be gone for 4 days and THIS still happens? ..150, really -_- *iz dead*

[livejournal.com profile] seireiishtar , [livejournal.com profile] johanirae , [livejournal.com profile] anesidorian and [livejournal.com profile] parcus thanks you a lot for the Christmas gifffff ♥♥♥ ILU!!!!

Now~Have some pic spam of the cities I visited :3

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First off, Happy 4th of July American people~ I hope that everybody is having a good time.

Now the real post. I cut my hair, and it’s good because it’s been ages since I did that and I was dying because summer and long hair is a pain…it’s quite short now :3 but comfy.

Click me :3 )Some people made me interested in Hetalia: Axis Powers and now I’m Reading it online. The first time I heard about I was all: O_o’ A manga about the countries of the world as human characters? This can be very horrible or very awesome. For now, it’s a bit of both.

The manga is totally crazy ( I think that Italia is on crack or high on sugarmost of the time) and use a lot of shallow stereotypes about the countries that can offend some people, but that’s what I was expecting and at least is use stereotypes for ALL the different characters/countries. And why most of them are males?

Seriously Germany/italia is…all sort of special pair, but it cracks me out. The roman Empire was so cute X3 zomg (look at the chibitalia scans, srly). Mixed feeling about Russia, because I think he is cute too but at the same time is so insanely creppy and evil..he scare the hell out of me. England eyebrows made me think of Wilson from House.

Still not totally sure what’s my general feeling about it, I need to read more of it. :||

I’m also reading the Sandman and another of Terry Pratchett books, because I’m addicted to reading. Seriously, in a month I read like..5 or 6 book, but that’s because I will choose reading over sleeping too often ^^’

PD: today I slept like 12 hours /o/ wow

PD2: I noticed that when I don’t sleep, and I keep replying/rpging/posting at night I make like millions of grammar mistakes and typos, so I apologize ^^’
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I get a new haircut ^^ So here are some photos!!! By the way I'm going to take a little vacations this monday until wednesday. I will spend some time with a friend in his house on the mountain, I'm going to miss you all!!!!

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I have so much photos I decided to make different post, one for every place I visit. The first one is Padova because was the first thing I visited and where I stay with my friend on her apartament.


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It took me more days than I expected but I been so busy. I’m always busy. It suck. I have a lot of thing to finish and post :/…buut, here it is. I went to the Zoo the other day and I took a loooot of phot0so!!!


I don’t know the name of half of the animals in English so..sorry ^^’

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New haircut with pretty red highlights =D

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I have a jammie!!! =D

My sister give her to me ^_^ Isn't she awesome????? I need a name for her :D

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Feeling a bit better today, thanks all of you for your support! =D

I live here
:3 pretty isn’t it?

More photos of my village here


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:34 am
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The Heroes cast and jesse Spencer together…a dream come true

Someone write me crossover fanfic pleaseee!!!

What will be Chase’s superpower? I’m going for the sparkles of doom XDDD
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Seriously, tell me if that man isn't the most cute thing ever...aw..jimmy ♥

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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I can’t help myself, I had to do it XD So here’s a…uhm..photo comic? Dunno ^^’ I don’t thing if there’s a real category for that type of stuff

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So, just for fun:
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My portfolio babes!! Hope you like it!! =D

Look at me!

Please comment here!!!! =D
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More House promos !!! This times is FOREMAN TIME!!!!

Oh my, Foreman as a teacher is SRS BSNS!!!! XD
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Love that photo, so house-ish. But I still believe that Chase is
more like House than Foreman. Foreman may acts like House
but Chase thinks like house. On the smart way I mean :)

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My new shoes, aren't they awesome? =>

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I love Playboy stuff for no reason ^^
....well I'm kinky, that's the reason
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This pic is gorgeous so I’m posting it here

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bigger version here


And more House Promos: XD LOL hat the hell has House got on his head?


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