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The other day I went to watch LET ME IN with my sister.

I loved the movie, it was surprisingly touchy at times. It had some crude scenes, and a lot of blood, but those were often shown with a specially good emphasis to small details and a lot of talent.
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I just come back from watching 'Up' because my sister thought that I would cheer me up after what happened with my grandmother.

Bad idea.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the movie, but the story made me think of my grandparents because they met and fell in love when he was 15 and she was 11.


I'm being emo again, ignore me
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I'm watching Contantine again. 8) it's like...the billion time I watched it, I have it memorized, but I just love this movie .

Heh. ♥
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See I can be romantic too!! Ok they're nude again's romantic!

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Giselle design on the movie Enchanted is based on “ Alphonse Mucha art and I just like that artist so much I decided to draw Edward and Nancy on his style
:3 Aren’t they pretty?


Jan. 23rd, 2008 11:46 pm
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[info]tenshibellaluna introduced me the [info]dramadramaduck community
(it’s about a multi-fandom roleplaying). It’s really fun and I love it. I’m playing a character too.

Guess who I am?----> Photobucket

^_^ oh yesssssssss

Nany’s journal is that [personal profile] sassygirlsrock
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Hi babe, there’s 9 banners for the Edward/Nancy community [Poll #1125771]
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Some more Nancy/Edward fan art : ) because I feel like doing it

By the way, if you like them, join: [profile] ifthesh0efits  a Nancy/Edward community :3

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Uhm..more fan art of enchanted but this time with:


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I felt like drawing Edward as child, so here he is with his horse Destiny.
I think they look really cute here, but ey, Edward is always cute to me <3

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Yeah more Enchanted Fan Art[Poll #1107191][Poll #1107191]

I kinda prefer a boy, but if I made him with black hair and blue eyes he will look like prince Eric from the Little mermaid so i0’m thinking of a cute kid with green/brownish eyes like her mother and brown hair like his father.

Any ideas please????
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Still drawing Enchanted fan art about Nancy and Edward, because they’re cute and I feel like doing it. And I have a lot of free time on the train, duh =/

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Yah, again, More enchanted fan Art

I tried to draw Patrick Dempsey this time…I failed Luz :/

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More enchanted art =D
I’m not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but better be safe than sorry

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Well, well, well..I saw enchanted one week ago but I haven’t commented about it yet because I was really busy and I wanted to finish the fan art before.

If you wanna read more or saw the pics, beware. SPOILERS LIKE WHOAH!

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