Aug. 19th, 2012 04:43 pm
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I was out today celebrating the The Fiestas de Gràcia, a party that each August it's a carnival-like display of decorated streets. I took some photos, keep in mind that ALL is made with recycled materials, mostly wood and plastic (even there dresses and lights, there's practically no glass). Photos! )
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My life -.-
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My mom in on vacations! She left to Egypt this morning and they lost her suitcase already. Thankfully it was only for a few hours, her meds were there :|

I'm working all this week in the shop instead of her and reading 'The Catcher in the rye' again because sometimes there's no much people. The first time I read the book was like, 10 years ago. I forgot that Holden was such a pessimist.

In other news, haircut (and my silly hat):
:3 )

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The other day I went to watch LET ME IN with my sister.

I loved the movie, it was surprisingly touchy at times. It had some crude scenes, and a lot of blood, but those were often shown with a specially good emphasis to small details and a lot of talent.
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I got all my winter clothes out today. God, I hate changing/putting away clothes every season. I'm such a lazy ass.

I also got my measurements taken for this next Carnival costume /o/
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orz I'm obsessed with Inception.

When I go to the beach I keep staring at the kids sandcastles now.
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Corinthian :3

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My hamster Cuddy died yesterday. She was really old an not doing so well, I was expecting this but it still made me really sad. She was so cute....and now I have a new hamster because I couldn't handle the view of the empty cage.

It's a Russian hamster too, just like her, but he's a boy. His fur is more gray and pale than her and he's my second Russian hamster so...I named him Corinthian.

It's hard to take pics of him because he's really jumpy.
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Woah it's been ages since I uploaded my lj with anything because I have not much to say. Work goes well, my coworker is nice.....

I'm totally in love with the show Glee~ It's so fun at times, even if some songs are cheesy. The problem I have with this char is that I hate the main character, Rachel Berry, which is quite of an irony. She's just so selfish and an attention wore :/ oh well.

And Kurt and his Dad are so adorable. I play Kurt at [livejournal.com profile] gargleblasted (I need canonmates :/ ) And Sue Sylvester is probably my second fav character, her evilness and comments are hilarious ♥
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Finally (after six fucking months without one ;;) my friend confirmed me that we got the job, we will be working together as a designers for a newspaper.

I will work with him in his small agency, the agency is in my own town, I do not have to catch the train or anything and the schedule is good.

Now I'm afraid I will screw up the job and our friendship :/ so I will try my best and work hard!

;_; so happy
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Some pic of my last mini-trip qwith my friends, we went to La Morera del Monsant.

Click me :3 )
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It's been years since I uploaded my lj ouch. Nothing much happened and I post most of my pluk, in case you want to add me as a friend :3

Still no job and yesterday one of my old coworker called me to tell me that the agency finally went bankrupt and they're closing forever :/
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Dear life,

I don't know what to do with you anymore.


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I'm sick and feeling like crap and I can't stand up for 10 minutes without fainting or throwing up. I took care of my sick grandfather this Saturday and now I'm the one sick. So it's my cousin and uncle B|

So much for a New Year...
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Someone tell my mother to stop bothering me about how to find a job, what places I should send my curriculum (even if they have nothing to do with my career/interest or I lack of the experience for the job) and places to go B|

Someone please tell my sister to stop being a bitch because every time we fight for some reason her smarter reply is 'at least I have a job'.
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Ey people : D I made myself a plurk account :3

And have a meme


/goes to sleep, ORZ


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