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Some more of my HP art, original character this time: Draco’s wife

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HP Fan art, babes =D

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I don’t have the seven book yet but I been reading some chapters because a friend of mine gave me a link to a Spanish web with the book translated. I don’t thing that‘s a big spoiler or something but better be safe than sorry

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For all the people who ask me, I’m still doing the requests, but some of them take me more time than others. Icons for example. I cam made doodles at work but no icons ‘cause I don’t have photoshop at my work.

[profile] callmeang wanted icons of Harry and Draco of Harry poter, so here they are:

And some more of HP in general =D 
There's some Harrry/luna for [personal profile] felinerose, but I have to make another post with a lot of more icons with Harry/sirius and Sirius /james for her too...^_^' give me time


Enjoy and comment!
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Yeah I know I still have request to do, I’m working on it. But now I’m on the mood for some Harry Draco pics. 
So, one normal pic and another chibi of these two =D

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One or two weeks ago [profile] remsy_md sent me a link to a Spanish webpage where I can found the whole book of the deathly Hallow on Spanish. I wanted to wait until the book comes on Spanish but I was so nervous yesterday that I read the epilogue. And…wow.

Nagini scare me…a lot O_O. No really, he scare me. Voldemort doesn’t care at all, or the infery or all the evil creatures. But maybe that’s all Ralph Fiennes’s fault because when I think in Voldemort I think automatically on Ralph Fiennes. He made Volvemort looks sexy, how he dare?? XD yeah sexy.

I  was talking about the epilogue….
I just wanted to hug the Malfoy family to death. My poor boys… Image Hosted by

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I made this icon =D isn’t it prettyyyyy? 

By the way, if you’re interested on the webpage is here

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Someone can help me? I found this cap of Lucius yesterday, It’s part of a documentary called “The hidden secrets of Harry Potter”. I found the caps, but I can’t remember any scene with Lucius sitting like that

it’s part of the movies or is an only shot? O_o  It's the Malfoy Manor? I hope it is, because it looks exactly like I imagined ^^

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woah…Lucius have a really loooonnnng Cane ^_^ I love the photo and the dogs =D 

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I made some pics of my Draco action figure :3

He’s not very big, so I can put him dresses like felinerose told me XD
But I can made stupid pics with him and my other plushies.

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i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ 

So basically, you're cunning, ambitous, and willing to use any means to meet your ends. Lots of people think Slytherins are cold, evil, heartless people.. and although some are, some are not. Slytherins are the most misunderstood people.. You're not all evil! We're misconceived and misunderstood, and have been given a bad rep.. The movie makes us look terrible. People just have this thing about people about ambition.. Hmm.. Well, you know you're the best, so I guess it doesn't matter. Gryffindor may beat you at everything.. but you still keep trying! COME ON, SHOW SOME SLYTHERIN PRIDE!

Slytherin to Remember 

Draco Malfoy 

Lucius Malfoy 

Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort 

I found really interesting the order of the slything people to remember…Voldemort is on the LAST line…^^ and Draco on the first…curious XD

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Para [profile] remsy_md, porque es una persona encantadora y una amiga estupenda =D

Now, the english version: For [profile] remsy_md ‘cause she’s a lovely person and awesome friend

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I’m reading the Half blood prince again and now I remember that 
Harry is very loud when he sleeps. XD So I made this stupid chibi pic about Harry and Draco. 
Pooor Drakey, he just want to sleep.

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HP fake spoliers XD

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Severus Snape learns to make pancakes by using Polyjuice Potion
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom
LOlz )

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From a (not finished and kinda long) fanfic I’m writing. He’s supossed to be 25 years old. I decided to give Draco long hair, but instead of make his hair on a tail like Lucius I gave him a braid. And I like it a lot, I think he looks death sexy with it, but I drew him like that,
so I’m not impartial XD

I’m pretty happy with the result of the pic, It take some time to draw ad I made it (nearly) all in photoshop because I’m trying learn more about how to use that program. So, what you think about it?

I have more pics of Draco with his hair like that, they will be coloured soon ^_^

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-50 HP Icons
-Some are quotes from Harry, Ron, Draco and Hermione, others are sarcastic
 quotes on slytherin style. I hope all you like it. 

-You can use textless icons as bases ^__^ just credit me please 

- credit when [if] you use
-comments are welcome :3
-Friend meeeee if you like my icons =D 


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For all of you who like my Harry Potter stuff you can find more (and bigger versions) on my Deviantart gallery and my Artisticalley gallery. Now, a few of my HP art. Slash styuff, hetero stuff and just normal stuff.

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