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I lost my job today due to staffing cuts. This last week a friend of mine lost hers for the same reason. FML. Fuck work. Fuck the crisis.

I really liked that job. And the people. I will miss them a lot.

What really bothers me it's start searching for a job again, the interviews, the horrible schelude and the lame salary. Now I need to re-do my book again, and design my business card.

On the bright side, I will be able to sleep more for once and have some free time for myself.

...damn it.
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I can't believe that I managed to post this :/

My country is suffering from really bad weather, the lights are off in my house (I'm using my sister's laptop and a random internet connection I managed to find), it's blowing like a tornado is coming (which is not the case because, duh, Spain don't suffer of that's things) and it's all a pain in general. The poor birds are flying backwards, my house is really cold and all is dark...

>:/ I hope that tomorrow all will be better.

damn...I have no battery left...


Dec. 2nd, 2007 04:21 pm
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All the week I had a cold, and my throat hurts a lot but well I was thinking it was just a normal cold. Like always, karma prove me wrong. I wake up this morning with my face swelled and my jaw hurting.

So I went to ER to know what the hell was going on and the doctor just look me and said that it’s maybe mumps . She just looked at me; she didn’t touch me at all. What a help she was. I can say it was mumps by me, thank you so much.

Why I only interact with stupid doctors????

Urgh, tomorrow I have to go to my usual doctor and he will made a better diagnostic and give me some meds I hope because all my body hurts and I feel really tired. Now is like I have a balloon instead of a head. Ugh…my poor face…

24 years old and I have mumps…>_< just fucking awesome

If it’s mumps I till can’t go to the courset this week because is contagious and I’m worried because I have to be on the 80% of the classes D:

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It’s 1:50 a.m on Spain.

I just come back to my house, but 15 minutes ago I was on the middle of a road with 5 friends of mine and the car assistance.

We were celebrating the birthday of 3 of my friends on a restaurant in the town next to my village, and then we come back to party at Sitges (where I live). We were 12 people on the restaurant so we used different cars to come back. My friend Noelia was driving (she didn’t drink), her best friend Laura was next to her. I was on the back next to the left door, Andrea was sitting on the middle and next to her was David, her boyfriend.

Noelia and Laura like to hear music while they’re drive, and I like it too, but they like it very very loud and it’s a thing that get on my nerves because they’re start to sing instead of play attention to the things around us. It was a moment while I think “we going to have an accident someday...maybe today”…I hate it when I’m right in that type of things. Damn it.

So, with no reason at all the car starts to move from left to right and then to left again until we crashed into a crash barriers (good name to call that things) and the car finally stops. There was a moment of silence where everybody was too shocked to say something. As I said, it was just for a moment. Noelia starts to cry and Laura was on tears too while Andrea tried to see if Laura was fine because for a moment we thought she was unconscious. Thanks to god, she wasn’t.

David and I were fine, I mean…we weren’t all that afraid at all. All was so fast we don’t have the sensation that we were going to die, even if we were. I thought that maybe I was just a weird person without sensations because I wasn’t afraid or trembling or crying but I talked to him after and he was as calm as me. I tend to be calm on really crazy situations, yea I’m that strange.

We were on the middle of the road and that was dangerous not just for us but for the other cars too. A man who I will be grateful for my entirely life stop his car and helped us and he even call the car assistance and the police.

Noelia was on hysterics, which is normal in that situation, and by the fact that she is a really emotional person. Too emotional, but well…Laura was pretty hysteric too, but she was more angry at Noelia. We were still not sure if she losed the control of the car or the car got crazy by himself. I don’t know, I will never know. I really don’t care. We are fine. That’s all I care.

My left hand hurt because I was on the side where we smash with the barrier and I squashed it between the car’s door and my own body. My back hurts too but I know it the way my body exteriorize the tension so it’s normal. I’m more worried about the hand, but I’m sure that tomorrow the pain will be gone.

Now I just saw my left hand who’s still hurting and I thought about how much things got wrong tonight.
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DAMN IT ALL! Special you damn hackers!!!

OK someone made something to my gaia account and I can't acces to it now. I lost my pasword, my avatar and all my stuff. So if someone send you amessage from my part (that's for [profile] da_anners  and [profile] hanamiuzumaki ) it's not me so don't accept it.I had a lot of gold and cool stuff...even a wolf...

My last  avatar before all gone to hell
Image Hosted by

I was getting bored of Gaia but..DAMN : O
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Someone cheer me up ;___; please
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I’m SO F*KING HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!


it starts the 26 of November by the way,
so I have time to finish my freelance job

Karma, I luv you now ^^

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Today I went to the theatre to see the musical CABARET and what can I said? SPLENDID, GORGEOUS, AWESOME!!! :D

I really like it a lot, the actors and actresses are so wonderful! The music is as stunning as the original movie musical and the choreographies where excellent :3

Its’ sexy and powerful and the type of musical Jack Harkness should love X3

Image Hosted by

I really enjoy going to the theatre, but it’s a bit expensive and I don’t have much time. So that’s why I enjoy those spectacles that much. I also love opera, all of you should come to Barcelona some day and go to the theatre LICEO and watch some opera…I’m sure you will love it.

Changing the subject, my karma is still kicking my ass. I got a interview this Thursday to going a course of photoshop/flash/dreamweaver/indesing and others drawing skill for woman under 25 years old who are looking for job. They pay me the course and they give me the possibility of have a job when the finish, so I ‘m really interested of going in.

The course starts tomorrow afternoon and they pre-selected me, which is a good thing.

The trains transport in my country goes down yesterday; which is a really really bad thing, because I have to catch the train. So now I have to use a bus, it’s more and expensive not that fast, and there not enough buses for all the people who is going to go work tomorrow so it will be a chaos. I will catch the bus 2 hours before the hours I have to be on Barcelona but…wish me luck…..a lot.

PS: karma I hate you, you son of a B&%&%/&%!


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