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Yesterday my computer had a Trojan virus and was doing stupid things. And I was all:

For the lolz )
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Your result for The how bad would House screw you test...

Robert Chase


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I watched the end of House season 4 this night...wanna know that? I hate the writers.I really don't understand what the hell are they doing.

It was a really good episode but it sucked. Simply as that.

I had enought people dying in my life I don't want to feel like crying again watching a show I like and that I started to dislike.
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Sooo... obviously it think too much thanks to my  current insomnia (Who's a pain in the ass because my eyes and head hurts a lot but I still cannot sleep even if I try) so I had an epiphany this night.

I don't know if all of you read about Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps leaving the tv show House, because well, the writers are stupid enough to not use the interesting characters they have instead of make more unuseful character appear (*coof* Kutner*coof^*).

And then I remember the end of torchwood. i'm try to not to talk about much spoilers here, but just say that Torchwood now need a new doctor to the di laaaaaa

Can someone write a Torchwood/House crossover fic? Or Crackfic? Or whatever who involves Jack, Ianto, Chase and sexitime? Pleaseeeee :3

[personal profile] johanirae  you must make a comic about t :D

And [profile] kendappa_o tha't all your fault! you made me think of Chase being paired with everyone in the other shows XD
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It's been an awful week. I'm really stresed by the final project and my family. We had a big discussion today and I'm really tired, yadda, yadda, yada, my usual annoying problems.

But I made a decision and I talked with my friend, so I'm leaving my house. In a month or so. I'm going to live with my friend when her parents go to live to the new house.

I have a month or so to tell my fathers, wish me luck. I'm going to miss my mother a lot :/


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Kouse kitty Vrs Wilson Kitty!!!
Puuuuur )

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House Kittens

Actually just House and Chase


Oh my GAH!

Dec. 8th, 2007 06:27 pm
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XD I want to see that

with pritty sarcastigc songs and duets
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HOUSE Christmas promos =D

Old nucking vrs New ducklings

Why is just Kutner wearing a Christmas hat? I want all of them to wear the hat XD OmFG chase’s tie is more than horrible O_o…..ooh I love it! I been missing his horrible matching chotches skills aish

I really like Taub, the plastic surgeon guy, I can’t stand much at Kutner because he just looks like an idiot to me and I’m sure the only reason House hired him is because cuddy didn’t want him too. And About 13…I have contradictory feelings about her. I quite like her character and personality, but I HATE the way the writers make her interacts with house. Just like a second Cameron and that just so ...URGHHJSADJSHDHS >_< no please, not again.

by the way, I new her real name, if you’re interested, just ask me :D

You wanna know what my perfect team would be?:

Chase, Ambert (cut throat bich), and Taub :3
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A present fanart for [profile] kendappa_o because is her birthday!! Feliz cumpleaños guapa!!!!

Here’s your House/ Supernatural pic crossover, hope you like it!

Chase is showing Dean one of his sparkles to let him know it’s not a bad fairy or a ghost. Dean is impressed =D

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I want a sparkleeeee for me ;_;
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A pic of House and Cameron for [info]flybutterfly24 because she made a lot of lovely banners
and icons with my fan art and she’s a cutie

I hope you like it babe =D

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Nov. 17th, 2007 01:34 am
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The Heroes cast and jesse Spencer together…a dream come true

Someone write me crossover fanfic pleaseee!!!

What will be Chase’s superpower? I’m going for the sparkles of doom XDDD
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I was surfing on the net searching for thing of Enchanted, the new Disney movie when I found that and Omg I loled so hard with the Patrick Dempsey’s doll. Dunno why, just make me laugh like a loony. Maybe because on the description of the dol they already call him the doctor Mc Dreemy from grey’s anatomy XDDDDD

I can’t believe they made a doll of him (Giselle was obvious) and they don’t made a doll of prince Eduard (aka James Marsden on the movie). Yeah I’m obsessed, but if there’s a JM doll somewhere I want it D:

By the way, the lovely [profile] flybutterfly24 made a bunch of icons of my chibi pics of House, so if you wanna take a look of them go to here and here

Leave her comment s please ‘cause she’s awesome =D
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Leave her comment s please ‘cause she’s awesome =D 

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I know it's just me, but I always found that two images as disturbing as hilarious

Image Hosted by  Image Hosted by
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Just for fun ^^

house and the Simpsons:

I love that video XD

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-39 House icons. Mostly chase, duh ^^'

Here’s a bunch of Death Note icons from different doujinshis I found on the net

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Everyone is begging me to draw them, so here’s Wilson (werewolf) , foreman ( a black ghost) and Cameron (A Shepherd) on their Halloween costumes

^^ Wilson is so fun to drawwwww

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I was wondering about the new house team and I have a question..he have to choose just 3 of them?
Why he can't choose 4 or 5 of them? that should be funny ^^

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