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The season 2 of heroes started on Spian a few weeks ago and Yesterday I watched the 9 episode "Cautionary Tales".

I just love Mr. Bennet, he's such an awesome character and a kick ass badass...and men with glasses are my kink 'ya know <3

So when he gets shoot in the eye I was all: NUUUUUUUUUUU, MOHIINDER YOU BITCH D: *cries*

So unfair...buuuut, being the awesome man Noah is he wasn't death for long. Ok, he was resurrectedwith her daughter blood but still..I was really happy that one of my favourite character was still alive ^_^

Too bad that thing only happends in tv shows...

....still angry with Mohinder >(


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:34 am
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The Heroes cast and jesse Spencer together…a dream come true

Someone write me crossover fanfic pleaseee!!!

What will be Chase’s superpower? I’m going for the sparkles of doom XDDD
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Another request down, this time for

[profile] kendappa_o, they’re Peter Petrelli and Robert chase 
from Heroes and house m.d. Shows. Espero que te guste nenaaaaa!!! =D


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-36 heroes Icons. Mostly Peter, but I have a lot more icons to upload! =D
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More peter and Claude madness XD

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I just watch the episode “The fix” of heroes and it was so *MWIWHHWGWHWET ROLFMAO* Peter and Claude are the funny thing ever XD

So I made a comic. Well I have another to upload, but my computer was being a total bitch. 
I will do it tomorrow, if I’m lucky.

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Birds! )

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I like to draw animals, especially dogs and cats, and when I’m on the mood I draw people as animals too. So I drew some of the Heroes characters as dogs. Yeah I’m that strange. So here’s Peter, Peter and Nathan, and Sylar as a doggies. I like crazy dog Sylar a lot X3

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Well, well, well…another post about my strange dreams. That time involving the tv show Heroes. I’m such a strange girl with strange dreams alcohol induced. Because I went to party with my friends yesterday and when I get home I still was a bit drunk I assume X3

I dreamed about Peter Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh from Heroes this time. And Jessica Sanders too, I think it was Jessica instead of Niki because on my dream she was beating me.

All start with Mohinder and Peter on a type of class room looking at some random video. I was Peter, but at the same time I saw the whole scene as an outsider. Well I don’t remember what we are supposed to be watching at, but when it finish Mohinder start to scream at me, saying me that I was Sylar, and a murderer and a lot of bad things. And then he stabbed my wrist with a pencil!! And I remember Peter’s (aka ME) face after that and it was all like “WTF man! You stabbed me with a bloody pencil!!”

Something like that---> Image Hosted by

And I was looking at the pencil on my wrist and it was really deep and I can’t took it out. And when I was looking at the pencil like an idiot Mohinder push me to the floor and start to kick me. And for some strange reason Jessica was there kicking me too. I think I black out, if that is possible on a dream. Oh well, next thing I remember is that I still being peter all the time and I was on a pharmacy, then I crossed a door and I was on a bedroom with 3 girls who remember me the actress of the show Charmed (and I hate that show, but my sister loves it) doing a type of striptease for me. I black out again, XD thanks to god

And the next time I waked up on the dream (still being Peter, duh), I was on the same room, on the bed with Mohinder doing…well it starts to be a NC-17 dream and I’m sure that if I was [profile] teamaneI been love it because Peter/Mohinder is her slash ship, not mine. First Mohinder stabbed me with a pencil and then he…stabbed me with another type of thing. So…odd. Believe, if I was a man I will waked up with a hard on.

I’m sure Freud love my dreams. If he wasn't dead I mean X3

PD: oh, and Thanks to [profile] lidinow I have a heroes animated mod theme =D

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