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Someone stole my phone while I was on the train.

I still have the old one and I managed to save nearly all my agenda but goddammit.
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My last entry? Forget it. I still don't have a job.

This week I been working in the School/center of Naturotheraphy, not just the 6 hours that I was supposed to work, but 10 hours because they had a lot of things to do before the new classes starts. I been really stressed, I nearly didn't sleep, and I couldn't eat because I was nervous. The second day the woman who's the boss, was complaining about how we needed to work more quickly, but they didn't show me how to use some programs they had, she just want me to actualize the website and to use them without tell me how to do it.


And this morning she just said me that another man who wasn't working for her now because he had a depression)but it did it on the past was ready to come back to work and that she will contract him and not me. Even if she already told me that the job was mine. And she didn't pay me for the days I been working because the contract wasn't formalized yet.

>_> damn it all. Now I still have to find a decent job.

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So that's is. I'm 25 years old lady now. I feel so old D:

I know I'm not, but I just feel old, not for my age but my life I think. I miss my dad, I really hate when I dream about him (who's often) because I hate to wake up and remember he's not longer here. And he died exactly one month before his birthday (10-4-08) and two month before my birthday because we born at the same day. I just feel like crying all the tiem these days.


Today was (is) a really good day but still. I saw my friends, I got a second interview for a job I really like and I'm goign to work there the next week as a training (wish me luck)and some people gave me presents. I want to thank you all of you who whished me a happy b-day.

Still feel like crying even when I write this (I am infact and I don't usually cry. Never in front of people at least). I'm just too much fucked up aren't I?

I'm depressing, sorry. It was a good day after all. I was really happy about the job and all, but I just miss him too much now.
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Even if all the accounts I have of LJ are paids accounts, I'm not happy with the new policy and I'm going to do that too.


For one day - Friday, March 21 - make no posts. Make no comments. Let there be NO new content added to lj. And please, don't go to lj entirely (to make sure that the strike is working - it'll defeat the whole purpose).
SUP obviously does not realize that Basic users have given something of value to them, that it is content that drives the site.
So, for one 24-hour period, from midnight GMT to midnight GMT, let's see how many people we can get to pledge to contribute no content.

Using lidi's words:

just look at what SUP's director has to say about this strike. Wow. Now I want to be part of that strike even more!

morons, they are all morons >(
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For all you who wanted to know what the hell is happening to LJ and the basic accounts you can check the information here:
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I'm the only one who thinks that the Livejournal's changes they're going to do will suck?

They're just so hypocrites by the way

they said:

"We we would respect the values and legacy of LiveJournal."

But then they want to change the account structure and will remove the option of creating new basic accounts just because is a business decision and they want to make money


Seriously, WTF?

I'm not using a basic account, I 'm paying for mine but I found all that crap unfair. So I made this post because I don't care if the change are going to pay the new new features, new colleagues, new offices, new technology, whatever it is. We didn't ask for changes, they do it because they want to do more money, and that annoys me


there's nothing we can do?

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Hi people. there's some problems with the spanish servers and I can't acces to livejournal most of the time. I managed to post this, thanks to good. So sorry if I can't reply all the comments and stuff.

:( damn it
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DAMN IT ALL! Special you damn hackers!!!

OK someone made something to my gaia account and I can't acces to it now. I lost my pasword, my avatar and all my stuff. So if someone send you amessage from my part (that's for [profile] da_anners  and [profile] hanamiuzumaki ) it's not me so don't accept it.I had a lot of gold and cool stuff...even a wolf...

My last  avatar before all gone to hell
Image Hosted by

I was getting bored of Gaia but..DAMN : O
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Someone cheer me up ;___; please


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