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The other day I went to watch LET ME IN with my sister.

I loved the movie, it was surprisingly touchy at times. It had some crude scenes, and a lot of blood, but those were often shown with a specially good emphasis to small details and a lot of talent.
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My mom have vacation this week and she's visiting his family in the other side of Spain, that means that I'm alone the whole week. I like to be alone but I miss the soudn of the TV in the living room or the radio while I am in my bedroom doing stuff. I am being stupid, aren't I?
To do list:

-Buy food. It will help me to live.

-Break up with 3 am. We can't keep meeting that way, I need to sleep to see if the world is better when my brain cells are not dying.

-Kill my cousin. *shifty eyes.*He likes to RP too, and he stalk DDD and rpsecrets. His interned died and I think that he did something when I allowed him to us my computer ....>>'
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My mother's fmaily will be in Barcelona today, so I can relax a bit. Awww my cousins grew up so much O:

Nothing much to add. Just that THIS PIC IS LOVE soI needed to share
And I love my ferret icon ♥

/orz useless post is useless
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...and my mother's family is coming over this week to invade my house. They never try to find a hotel, they literally invade our home and we need to go to my grandfather's or my aunt's home to sleep. And it's a pain because I will be working all the day and I will not be able to relax once I'm back..fuck.
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I just come back from watching 'Up' because my sister thought that I would cheer me up after what happened with my grandmother.

Bad idea.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the movie, but the story made me think of my grandparents because they met and fell in love when he was 15 and she was 11.


I'm being emo again, ignore me
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Today I did nothing. Well; I slept, went to driver class, help my mother to do the shopping, helped my sister to move things from our house to her knew apartment, then help her to shop, answer some emails...but for my standards that's a day of relax~

Addicted to D Grayman..Arystar Krory is love ♥

The 11-12 volume made me go ;__; whyyyyy???

I have another 'date' with my friend tomorrow afternoon :| do no want the awkwarness
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:(      *iz sad and tired....I should go to sleep but I'm tired of the nightmares.*
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Today its father's day on Spain.


I went to the cemetery yesterday because today I needed to be out all the day on the city.
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TIME for some PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS of my Andalusia Trip ^__^


:D photos! )
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Hi my dears! I'm going to be on a little vacations with my mother and sister from the 17 until the 26. I didn't had vacations in 10 year and this one I'm traveling all the time X3

My mom really need some relaxing time. We are going to Granada, Sevilla and Cordoba, all in Spain.

I'm goigg to miss you all! Anddddd, I couldn't help me, so...A Chibi Rufus Shinra :3

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Hello Mr. President )

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My cousin went to the Saló del Cómic de Barcelona yesterday (I was working and I wasn't much on the mood so I didn't went) and brought me that pig hat.

^_^ it's fun and I love it


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The funeral was this morning, so all it's done now. There was a lot of people. My father worked on a bank for 25 years and he was a really friendly person so he had a lot of friends and people who like him. But I was still impressed. My mother was feeling really bad in the funeral but now she's a bit better. Still long way to go.

I'm really tired today and all my body hurts. But I'm more or less fine.

thanks to you all for your support

Os quieroooooooo


Apr. 9th, 2008 02:14 pm
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First off, thank all of you for your support and forgive me for not to reply all your encourageous comments.

My father passed away this night at 2 a.m. His body finally collapsed and he can't take it anymore, but he don't suffered much. Now we are dealing with all the procedures and tomorrow morning will be the funeral.

I'm a realistic person, and even if the doctors said that was a few-days-thing- and in fact it was a few-hours-thing I already saw that coming. So I'm not fine but I can deal with it. My mother have the worse part, and my uncle (my father's brother) is really affected too. I'm trying to help them as much as I can. I really don't like to cry in front to people, I doesn't make me feel better, and I cried a lot yesterday night alone so I can manage things now.

That's how I roll.

Now excuse me, I am going to make lunch.

Bad News

Apr. 8th, 2008 09:52 pm
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I don’t know how to explain this in good English but now I don’t really give a damn…

Some of you already knew that my father was ill, he has pancreatic cancer. These days he caught an infection and then he needed a drain because he retained liquid in his paunch. After the drain he has been throwing up all the night and this morning my mother and him went to the hospital. Now he’s still on the hospital because his intestines are not working, the liver is failing and the same with the kidneys. He can’t have surgery and the painkillers for the pain just make his liver worse.

The doctors said that it's all about a few days.

That’s all for now.
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It's been an awful week. I'm really stresed by the final project and my family. We had a big discussion today and I'm really tired, yadda, yadda, yada, my usual annoying problems.

But I made a decision and I talked with my friend, so I'm leaving my house. In a month or so. I'm going to live with my friend when her parents go to live to the new house.

I have a month or so to tell my fathers, wish me luck. I'm going to miss my mother a lot :/




Oct. 18th, 2007 06:20 pm
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I'm going to kill my father. Srly

Hes' getting on my nerves like whoa. My mom is exhausted too. Tomorrow he will have a SCAN to se how the treatment work, but he will not have the results until 25. He's nervous all the time, he dont' want to do something to get distracted, and he's all grumpy all the time. He yells at my mother, yells at me and he doj't yells at my sister because she's nearly never at home. What a help she is.

I love my father to death but...ARGGGGHH sometimes.

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Random facts about my lame and some of my really emo thoughts 

Not a happy post -_-


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