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My hamster Cuddy died yesterday. She was really old an not doing so well, I was expecting this but it still made me really sad. She was so cute....and now I have a new hamster because I couldn't handle the view of the empty cage.

It's a Russian hamster too, just like her, but he's a boy. His fur is more gray and pale than her and he's my second Russian hamster so...I named him Corinthian.

It's hard to take pics of him because he's really jumpy.
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My grandmother died yesterday afternoon. She was really old and couldn't walk anymore or eat by herself..the last days were horrible and she couldn't even drink anymore. Her death wasn't unexpected, but still painful. Today I been working on my mother's shoe shop because she been with my grandfather all the day in the funeral parlor, and the funeral is tomorrow morning. I'm stressed and tired, and sad, but that's again not unexpected. So much for my first day of vacation.
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-50 Death note icons, mostly based on diferents doujinshis of L/Light, Matt/Mello, and Mello/Near


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-39 House icons. Mostly chase, duh ^^'

Here’s a bunch of Death Note icons from different doujinshis I found on the net

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I can’t help myself, I had to do it XD So here’s a… comic? Dunno ^^’ I don’t thing if there’s a real category for that type of stuff

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So, just for fun:
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Yesssss!!! The interview goes really well!!! And the bus was fine too, so I’m quite happy. I’m pre-selected for the course they will told me something in 2 weeks. Cross your fingers for me

it’s a 6 month course were I will learn how to use Photoshop, Indesing, Dreamweaver, Ilustrator, a lot of stuff to make webs, ... Just like a master and all for Free!! And they going to give us job after that, a really good one :D I hope they select me!

I was happy so I went to the Norma Comic story and buought me that awesome chibi doll of Light Yagami from Death Note

he is so purdy :3 and spongy, but he’s not because it’s plastic ^^
He has multiples faces too! And when I saw the “wtf face” I completely fell in love with it. It had to be mine!!! So now it’s mine. My cousin love it too

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