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Yesterday my computer had a Trojan virus and was doing stupid things. And I was all:

For the lolz )
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Your result for The how bad would House screw you test...

Robert Chase


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Sooo... obviously it think too much thanks to my  current insomnia (Who's a pain in the ass because my eyes and head hurts a lot but I still cannot sleep even if I try) so I had an epiphany this night.

I don't know if all of you read about Jesse Spencer and Omar Epps leaving the tv show House, because well, the writers are stupid enough to not use the interesting characters they have instead of make more unuseful character appear (*coof* Kutner*coof^*).

And then I remember the end of torchwood. i'm try to not to talk about much spoilers here, but just say that Torchwood now need a new doctor to the di laaaaaa

Can someone write a Torchwood/House crossover fic? Or Crackfic? Or whatever who involves Jack, Ianto, Chase and sexitime? Pleaseeeee :3

[personal profile] johanirae  you must make a comic about t :D

And [profile] kendappa_o tha't all your fault! you made me think of Chase being paired with everyone in the other shows XD
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House Kittens

Actually just House and Chase

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Things I drew but never upload. Mostly Chase :3

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A present fanart for [profile] kendappa_o because is her birthday!! Feliz cumpleaños guapa!!!!

Here’s your House/ Supernatural pic crossover, hope you like it!

Chase is showing Dean one of his sparkles to let him know it’s not a bad fairy or a ghost. Dean is impressed =D

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I want a sparkleeeee for me ;_;


Nov. 17th, 2007 01:34 am
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The Heroes cast and jesse Spencer together…a dream come true

Someone write me crossover fanfic pleaseee!!!

What will be Chase’s superpower? I’m going for the sparkles of doom XDDD
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-39 House icons. Mostly chase, duh ^^'

Here’s a bunch of Death Note icons from different doujinshis I found on the net

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FINALLY He’s BACK!! Chaseee =D

Thanks tokendappa_[profile] kendappa_o for tell me about the gorgeous pics!!!

*_* omg leather jacket..... And we see now cameron 2.0...ARG hair color WTF? O_o
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House:Oh my dearest wombat you’re back. Hug meeee!!!1

I’m a happy fangirl now
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Click the link for an awesome (small) video spoiler of House season 4 XD
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I’m so fucking happy right now 


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Another request done, this time for silverfox

She wanted a sexy cuddy Kitty! So here she is =D

+ PLUS!! Two pics of Chase: My own Fanfic Art

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-2 House chibi-pics
-One with House and Chase sleeping
-Another with Drunk!wilson and a bit scared Chase =D

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Panty hamster get a spin on its wheel?  )
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Another request down, this time for

[profile] kendappa_o, they’re Peter Petrelli and Robert chase 
from Heroes and house m.d. Shows. Espero que te guste nenaaaaa!!! =D


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Chibi Chase coloured =D

I’m so happy I learned how to color the lineart and make it without looking
 like I have a drinking problem XD lolz

Thanks to god for the internet tutorials ^^ 
And thanks to snapesnogger for the tutorial too

Image Hosted by

[♥] Comment and credit is very appreciate
[♥] comments are welcome :3 
[♥] Enjoy!

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The House chibi cast. I have to draw foreman and Wilson. 
Cuddy is the only one coloured, but I’m working on the others too =D

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I laughed so hard with this vid. And I realized that Wilson loves striped ties


And I like this vid too 'cause I love the song, Chase's smile is just WHGHGDTTSDS! the cutest thing ever =D


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